It all began incidentally with a stint at a Japanese restaurant.

The bashful, modest young man was inspired to pursue his restaurant career.

In the 1980s, Japanese cuisine was only up-and-coming in Taiwan.

As a chef, he was always enthusiastic and curious about his work.

He carefully observed details during

the work process and came out with one question after another:


When a customer dislikes an element of the set menu,

do we have any other alternatives?

Where can we find premium ingredients for food?

Does Japanese cuisine made from high-quality ingredients have to be expensive?...

He would try figuring out answers to those questions;

and some thoughts started to surface…


It was the hospitality industry in Taiwan in the 1990s.

Due to its image of “luxury”,

Japanese food seemed to hold higher standards than other types of cuisine.

However, with limited choices of food ingredients and stereotype,

people thought Chawan (steamed egg-custard)

and Tempura really represent Japanese cuisine.

In order to fulfill a dream that had long been simmering in his heart,

he overcame many obstacles and finally established Mitsui Eatery in 1992.

Today, Mitsui operates at ten locations.

The number of working partners has increasingly gone from four to 900

For many years, we have devoted our efforts in selecting ingredients

and adapting to the trend of healthy lifestyle.

Recently, we began to reach out to rare, quality natural ingredients.

Out sourcing raw materials worldwide, paying direct to the source,

skipping broker costs, to lower down the price

and be more competitive to the market.

Shipping all fishery products with cold treatment direct to our retail points.

We continue to provide our customers

with the best seafood materials at the most reasonable price.

In addition, we keep going beyond

the conservative menu while developing more varieties of dishes.

So, we rolled out a “specially tailored set menu”

and the creativity has met and satisfied each customer need.

Your heart-warming feedbacks have encouraged Mitsui

to operate whole-heartedly

as well as carry forward and forge into future development.


Since customers have long been identifying

with and feeling confident of Mitsui's Prices and Values,

It says volumes that Integrity and Responsibility

are Mitsui's most valuable branding assets.

To satisfy --and surpass-- customers’ expectations

remain to be the highest guidelines for the Mitsui values.

Although there is still a long journey before we reach our goals,

we believe that our efforts can and will fulfill our hopes,

as long as we are committed to improvement persistently.