Human Resources:


Mitsui has evolved from an eatery with four partners

into a group of ten restaurants with more than 600 coworkers.

It has been a long journey through the ups and downs of economic climate,

plus the changes of market trend and the reform of business management.

Mitsui has come to realize

that human workforce is the most important asset of all.

Only people can really understand the goodwill of services

and the spirit of branding,

while loyally conveying them to our customers.


The constant flow of new ideas is an important factor

that drives Mitsui ahead.

The frequent infusion of new blood

will maintain Mitsui Group's rich creativity.

The upbringing of talented worker requires long-term planning and practices;

so Mitsui has been recruiting culinary professionals from overseas;

We are also actively engaged in culinary school training programs.

We give students the best opportunities of advancing their culinary careers.


In order to find the right person for the right position,

we have built an incentive system which promotes

the spirit of internal corporate entrepreneurship

and creates a profit-sharing platform.

The idea is to have everyone find a stage of his/her own.

Creating a three-win situation for customers,