Dreams and passion mark our origin;

our perseverance and efforts will never end…

Started in 1992,

Mitsui has been cultivating this business with great care,

like a traveler who marches toward the daybreak using a mind's compass.

Along the way, countless customers, vendors,

and excellent employee have kept Mitsui's company.

Whenever there is a hard time,, Mitsui would use innovative changes

and re-organization to convert it into new opportunities.

When competition becomes fierce,

Mitsui does not race for more branch locations,

Rather, we work harder to hold the fort,

while concentrating on our core service values.

Upholding the philosophy of “innovating for new demands,

leading the trend with firmness and practicality”,

we shall build a Mitsui palace hall that belongs to you and me.


At every point during the course,

Mitsui has always been looking for like-minded partners,

with whom we would cooperate and forge ahead.

Through our new-hire orientation process which includes instillation of corporate culture as well as solid, day-to-day practices,

people from all walks of life have received the same transitional training

and turned into partners who are capable of managing a branch restaurant.

The transparent platform for benefit-sharing hopefully will enable more employee to advance their careers at Mitsui.

Recruiting culinary professionals from overseas;

sending employees to study abroad –

these are the two approaches Mitsui is taking in the area of on-the-job training.


Following the founding of the Mitsui Culinary Institute,

we shall put together all production/marketing resources

and sustain the development of our brand-name

Mitsui is determined to pursue more progress;

we will continue to spring ahead and never fall back…


Vision can be glamorous and promising like a nice dream;

but only can be realized through hard-working.